LEAH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORP. is a construction firm incorporated in 1983, engaged in the construction of vertical and horizontal structures but specializing in mechanical and electrical works. Since its incorporation in 1983, LEAH has done numerous specialty works for private and government agencies, like the US Embassy, MRT station 7, Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corp. & etc. Likewise, LEAH has also specialized in preventive and maintenance works of Electrical, Fire Alarm, Air Conditioning and Hydraulic System for the US Embassy, Rizal Polytechnic College, The Rizal Provincial Capitol and other numerous projects.



In today’s world of technology, machinery and other computerized equipment, electricity (Electric Power) is humanity’s most useful form of energy. It serves almost every home, store, farm, factory, commercial, residential, and industrial structures around the world.

In the home, electricity provides light and supplies heat in electrical stoves, toasters, and irons.  It furnishes the power to run refrigerators, radios, television sets, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, and other appliances.  In farms, electric machines pump water, grind feed, dry hay, milk cows, separate cream from milk and churn butter.  Stores depend on electricity to run elevators and escalators.



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