LEAH CONSTRUCTION & DEVELOPMENT CORP. is a construction firm incorporated in 1983, engaged in the construction of vertical and horizontal structures but specializing in mechanical and electrical works. 

Since its incorporation in 1983, LEAH has done numerous specialty works for private and government agencies, like the US Embassy, MRT station 11, Philippine Associated Smelting and Refining Corp. & etc. Likewise, LEAH has also specialized in preventive and maintenance works of Electrical, Fire Alarm, Air Conditioning and Hydraulic System for the US Embassy, Rizal Polytechnic College, The Rizal Provincial Capitol and other numerous projects.

After years of engagement in mechanical and electrical works. LEAH saw a niche in supplying the country with a system that would protect structures and properties against lightning strikes. Equipped with its expertise in electrical works, LEAH engaged itself in the distribution ofE.F. Lightning Protection System in the Philippines. Since then, the E.F. Lightning Protection System became a byword in its industry as it was the pioneer in bringing the Early Streamer Emission (ESE), an innovative form of system that provides a greater radius of protection for structure and properties in the country. With no surprise, it became the number 1 choice of designers and engineers in protecting high rise structures, plants, telecommunication towers, golf courses etc. Today, the company is growing tremendously and is continuously innovating its product line in order to provide its clients with a comprehensive and total solution for electrical damage.

The company’s sales and service network has a proven track record in keeping customers updated on a wide range of products for the most appropriate solution. In order to provide better service for all aspects in the electrical damage protection industry, LEAH has associate companies in other Asian Countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

Another activity of the company is dealing with surge related devises. We exclusively represent the following products in the Philippines of which, their reliability has been verified in thousands of installations worldwide.

  1. E.F. Lightning Carrier System for buildings and open areas
  2. Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors for power lines
  3. Data/Communication Line Surge Protection Devices
  4. Unitech Grounding Products
  5. Tecto Weld Exothermic Connectors
  6. Consultancy and Design

The above products and services have become a hallmark of distinction in quality and performance since their introduction. The reliability resulted from superior design and duty-free construction has made them a requirement in most critical installations.

The management team is supported by fully qualified professionals with extensive hands-on experience and expertise. Together with a well trained staff and an efficient sales network, it provides a strong standing for the company to understand our customers need.




We will make electrical protection system a standard in all structures (industrial, residential, and commercial) and a main concern of our clients by leading the industry through continuously innovating and bring in products that would be beneficial in protecting structures against electrical damage. In short, we will be the industry by being the most preferred provider in this type of service.


We will satisfy all our clients’ needs by delivering our services with utmost quality, integrity, and reliability.

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