STAR Lightning rods
Systeme a Technologie d'Amorcage Regule
Controlled Grounding Lightning Protection Systems

S.T.A.R. Controlled Grounding Lightning Protection System comply with the French Standard NF C 17-102 dated July 1995, having successfully passed the approval test carried out in partnership with Pau University's Electrical Discharges Laboratory (France), in accordance with of schedule C of the said standard

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E.F. Lightning Protection System

* EF Lightning Terminal 
* EF Lightning Carrier 
* EF Lightning Counter
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An earthing (grounding) is designed to safeguard lives and valuable equipment when lightning occurs. It plays a vital role in an electrical and lightning protection system. It is installed to:
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LPS (Power Line Surge Protective Device)

The PM and RM series are designed to protect the electronic and electrical equipment from lightning surges as a result of direct lightning strikes on power system, electromagnetic couplings, the switching of power network and inductive loads.
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