LPS (Power Line Surge Protective Device)

The PM and RM series are designed to protect the electronic and electrical equipment from lightning surges as a result of direct lightning strikes on power system, electromagnetic couplings, the switching of power network and inductive loads.The products offered ranges from 25,000 amps to 320,000 amps per phase of surge capacity in common and differential modes for instrumentations equipment, distribution boards, sub-switchboards, remote utilities and critical panels that requires continues protection. Multiple Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are utilized to maximize performance, reliability together with instantaneous response. The PM and RM series contains a specially designed thermal cut-out fuse that prevents dangerous thermal run-away and fire hazards.


LPS  (Power Line Surge Protective Device)

The LPS CP, TP, PP, DL and LF series of Data Line Surge Protective Device (SPD) is designed to protect electronic equipment I/O ports from lightning induced surges onto the signal cable, ground potential difference between equipment and electromagnetic coupling especially where there are incoming and outgoing signal/data lines of building or where there are signal/data lines connecting equipment with more than 30 meters distance.

The LPS Data Line SPD is a 3 stage hybrid device. When transient occurs, the LPS SPD will switch to a fully conductive state and divert high current to ground and between wires. It will reset automatically to the non-conducting state when the current falls below the holding current. Under excessive surge conditions, the device will fail in shorted mode to earth keeping the circuit protected.

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