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Design, Supply, and Installation of Lightning Protection System for Greencore Geothermal Power Plant Inc. (GGPI) located at Dumaguete Philippines

Given that Lightning Protection Systems are installed externally and are exposed to the harmful effects of extreme weather conditions, it is important that this system is checked and scheduled for a preventive maintenance works on an annual basis.

Leah Construction & Development Corporation is the only LPS supplier that conducts this type of service for its existing clients.

The rationale of this service is to ensure that the clients’ Lightning Protection System is in proper working condition. As part of its program, LCDC has about 100 clients every year for its preventive maintenance program.

Scope of Works

  1. Visual Inspection and pull out of EF lighting terminal
  2. Checking and aligning (if necessary) of the LT to meet the 3mm constant gap required between points no. 1 and 2.
  3. Sharpening of finial tip #1
  4. Checking of the material condition of the fiber- glass mast
  5. Visual inspection and electrical testing of the entire length of carrier cable.
  6. Testing and checking of lightning stroke counter.
  7. Tightening of the clamps to ensure proper connection of terminal to the cable.
  8. Testing of grounding system using earth resistance tester and cleaning of 500x500x500mm concrete grounding pit (testing result should be not more than 5 ohms).
  9. A written report and recommendation shall be submitted three (3) days from the date completion of preventive maintenance work.


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